Colleen in the Living Room
of our Guest House

Engagement Photo

Alleene and Garrett


Colleen and Clay
on the Party Bus

Kris and Nancy
Walking Home
Barefoot from Dinner

Colleen Denies
Starting the Food Fight
at the Cafe du Monde
(but look at her shirt!)


Gordie's Hat, after
our night in the French Quarter

at a Classic Intersection

Nancy, Gordie, and Leenie
on a Balcony
in the French Quarter


Gordie, Leenie, Angie and Clark
on a Balcony in the French Quarter

Gordie on the Porch
of our Guest House

Marg and Greg


Lunch at the Blind Pelican

Alleene and
her sister Margaret

Don't Approach or Give Money
to People Like This
in the Quarter


Lafayette Cemetery #2

Week After Mardi Gras

Gordie at 1 am


Meet the Rents

Alleenie and Colleenie
And of course bunny ears!

Skyping with Steve



Alleene and Garrett

Beautiful dress
Beautiful bride!



Alleene and Garrett
with their dog Bahama
in the Courtyard of the Guest House

Alleene's Hair

The Hair Ornament
from Angie


A Victorian Princess
on her laptop

Alleene and Garrett
on the Balcony at Terrell House

Alleene and Garrett in the
Terrell House Courtyard
(Mouseover for sound)


Uncle Kris, Aunt Debbie,
and Alleene
at the reception

Leenie and Lainie

Nancy And Gordie
at the Reception


Fernanda and Ben

Animated Alleene

Alleene and Angie

The Wedding Cake

Garrett and Alleene

Uncle George


After the Party

After the Party:
Garrett, Alleene, and Erin