The Valencia County Pussy-Hat Project

The symbol below is made up of pictures of women and men, including friends and family (and friends-of-family and family-of-friends) and others, wearing hats that I have made and given away. You can zoom in to see the individual pictures or if you have a mouse, click on the page then mouse over the symbol to turn the mouse into a magnifying glass.

I haven't actually made this many hats. It takes over 1,000 pictures to make the symbol, and I've only made about 150, so there are lots of duplicates and some mock-ups, too. For example, I don't think Trump has ever really posed for a photo in a pussy hat, but you'll find several pics of him in here wearing one!

Note that though pink is the predominant color, I've also made --by request-- hats in white, purple, orange, green, multi-color, MAGA red, and even Trump-hair tangerine, and they're in the symbol, too.

I add new pictures from time to time, and when I do things get re-arranged, so if you come back to this page to look for a particular picture, it may not be where it used to be.



































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