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Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy

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Anyone struggling with financial pressure to pay their bills.

Bankruptcy can help people facing:

Be careful of television advertisements for "debt consolidation" or "debt settlement" companies who say they will reduce your credit card bills.

Most of these companies are out-of-state and they will charge you fees for their services but leave you further in debt.

A bankruptcy court is the only thing that can legally reduce or cancel credit card debts or set up an interest-free payment plan.

In most cases, no.

You will have to go to one hearing, but not in a court. That hearing is called a “Meeting of Creditors” and creditors may be there to ask you questions.

Most cases do not require any further hearings or court appearances.

You will arrange this with Mike individually.

Every person's case is different, so Mike meets with every person to talk about their situation and what they need.

Mike gives every person asking about bankruptcy a written fee estimate based on their bills, income, assets, and situation.

Mike offers payment plans and income-based discounts, and your first meeting with Mike is always free.

Depending on your personal situation, it can take as little as _____ to _____ months for your case to be completed and your debts elimiated or reduced by law.

However, Mike can stop creditors from contacting you almost immediately.

If you choose to create a payment plan, you will usually have from 3 to 5 years to pay off your reduced debt.

Generally, people will only know about your case if you tell them, however:


All bills are listed in a bankruptcy.

In general: home loans, car loans, taxes and child or spouse support will not be cancelled. However, in certain cases these can be reduced.

Mike will explain to you which bills can be cancelled and which still have to be paid in your specific individual case.

Possibly, but it depends on the details of your situation.

Mike will go over this with you in your free consultation and see what can be done to protect them.

Make an appointment for a free consultation with bankruptcy attorney Mike Lash.

He will go over your situation and answer any questions you may have. Appointments can be made for evenings or weekends.





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